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Opposition to Muslim Immigration Ban

The MacArthur Justice Center’s office in Washington, D.C., has submitted an amicus brief in support of petitioners' and New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman’s lawsuit challenging President Donald Trump’s immigration executive order. The amicus brief documents the President’s extensive record of hatred toward people of the Muslim faith.

“The President has long expressed the view that there is a ‘Muslim problem’ in the United States and disseminated propaganda vilifying people of the Muslim faith,” the brief states. “Prior to being elected President, he made specific promises to curtail the rights of those who choose to practice Islam in various ways, including the shutdown of mosques and the suspicionless surveillance and profiling of Muslim Americans. Moreover, not only did Mr. Trump specifically promise he would ban Muslims from entering the United States, but he previewed that he would do so under the guise of referring to 'territories' and 'extreme vetting' instead of mentioning Muslims directly.”

Drawing a comparison to the discriminatory detention and internment of Japanese Americans during World War II, the MacArthur Justice Center urged the Court not to overlook the extensive record of animus present here and to avoid repeating the terrible mistakes made in past generations.

Amicus brief HERE »

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