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Muslim Advocates v. DHS

Representing Muslim Advocates, a national legal advocacy and education organization, the MacArthur Justice Center has filed suit against the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for its failure to provide documents in response to inquiries under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Following reports of numerous abuses by DHS in the wake of the administration’s Muslim travel ban, MJC and Muslim Advocates sought documents from DHS related to potential civil rights violations by border officials against Muslims or people perceived to be Muslim.  The FOIA requests focused on the alleged coercion of travelers to sign forms abandoning their legal status in the U.S., the alleged revocation of trusted traveler status for persons with Muslim-sounding names, and DHS’s practices and criteria for identifying travelers whose electronic devices are searched or duplicated. The requests also seek any consideration or guidance that DHS has given to these issues in the implementation the President’s second executive order.

 You can see the letters we sent to DHS here:

FOIA related to abandonment of legal status
FOIA related to electronic devices search
FOIA related to Trusted Traveler Program

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After DHS failed to provide any documents in response to our requests, we filed suit seeking a court order requiring DHS to comply with FOIA.  You can see our Complaints here:

Complaint re electronic device search
Complaint re Trusted Traveler Program

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Updated 5/3/17