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McAdoo v. Martin, et al., No. 17-1952 (8th Cir.)

We represent Daaron McAdoo in an appeal concerning the ability of prisoners to obtain damages for the unlawful infliction of physical pain. After Mr. McAdoo's shoulder was badly fractured at Hot Spring County Detention Center in Arkansas, he was prescribed narcotics for pain resulting from the injury. However, the facility refused to provide him with the prescribed medication, asserting a policy of being “narcotic free.” The district court found that the prison’s refusal to provide Mr. McAdoo with pain medication violated his constitutional rights under the Eighth Amendment. However, it reluctantly concluded that it was prohibited from awarding Mr. McAdoo any damages for his pain by a statute known as the Prison Litigation Reform Act (PLRA). We are seeking reversal of that decision, arguing to the Eighth Circuit that the PLRA does not prevent a prisoner from obtaining damages for physical pain.

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